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In Lithuania, our company owns customs bonded and commercial warehouses adapted for storage of all types of cargoes on racks, including oversized cargoes that do not require special thermal conditions. All the processes at the warehouse are controlled by a modern system based on barcodes and wireless data transmission technologies. So, you will be able to manage and control movement of your goods “in the real time” and you will be provided well-timely the detailed reports on the performed operations. 

The offered services:

  • mechanical and manual loading /unloading, including oversized cargoes;
  • cargo weighing and measuring;
  • sorting, gathering, distribution;
  • marking;
  • packing and repacking, palletizing;
  • outdoor storage;
  • accounting of goods.

Our advantages:

  • high-level professionalism in all works;
  • a modern system for accounting of goods.

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