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Trucks service

If you confide qualified masters of UAB “Transtiros sunkvežimių servisas” (Transtira Trucks Service) to care about repairs of your cargo-carrying vehicles, you will be able to concentrate all your attention to more important matters of your business. To ensure the required quality of the truck service works, we use updated technologies and our staff improves its qualification on a regular basis. All masters of the truck service were involved in special training and acquired the required qualification.

The services offered by UAB “Transtiros sunkvežimių servisas”:

  • alignment and painting of cabins, bodies and frames of cargo-carrying vehicles, buses an minibuses;
  • repairs of trailers and semitrailers;
  • tyre/wheel assembly balancing;
  • restoration of the geometry of the axles of prime movers, trucks, trailers and semitrailers by JOSAM laser stand;
  • transportation of prime movers, trailers and other vehicles by car transporters in Lithuania and in the whole of Europe;
  • other repair operations.

The advantages provided by adjusted geometry of axles:

  • saving of money;
  • cutting fuel consumption;
  • increasing the tyre mileage resource up to 30 per cent;
  • reducing the probability of traffic accidents;
  • increasing the stability of the vehicle;
  • the drivers become less tired and focus attention to the road.

The contacts of UAB “Transtiros sunkvežimių servisas”:

Vilniaus St. 4B, Grigiškės; 

LT-27101 Vilnius Municipality, Lithuania

Tel: +370 5 235 7078

Mob tel: +370 686 00 490

E-mail: servisas@transtira.lt; romas.laurusonis@transtira.lt

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